Kylie Minogue: Kiss me once tour 2014 - live in Glasgow.

Live concert in Glasgow, Schotland op 12 november 2014.

kylie minogue,2014

BD-1 Intro / Breathe  
BD-2 Les Sex  
BD-3 In My Arms  
BD-4 Timebomb  
BD-5 Wow  
BD-6 Step Back In Time  
BD-7 Spinning Around  
BD-8 Your Disco Needs You  
BD-9 On A Night Like This  
BD-10 Slow  
BD-11 Enjoy Yourself  
BD-12 Hand On Your Heart  
BD-13 Never Too Late  
BD-14 Got To Be Certain  
BD-15 I Should Be So Lucky  
BD-16 Skirt  
BD-17 Need You Tonight  
BD-18 Sexercize  
BD-19 Can't Get You Out Of My Head  
BD-20 Kids  
BD-21 Beautiful  
BD-22 Kiss Me Once  
BD-23 Get Outta My Way  
BD-24 Love At First Sight  
BD-25 Tears On My Pillow  
BD-26 Locomotion  
BD-27 All The Lovers  
BD-28 Into The Blue  
  Extra Features
BD-29 Sleepwalker  
BD-30 Chasing Ghost (Screen Visual)  
BD-31 Sexercize (Screen Visual)  
BD-32 Skirt (Screen Visual)  
BD-33 Can't Get You Out Of My Head (Screen Visual)  
BD-34 In My Arms (Screen Visual)

+ 2 audio cd's.

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